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25 January 2021

Funding: Adapt & Thrive – just a reminder that there were changes made to the fund on the 11th January – grant size increased to £75k and no longer a limit on turnover size. If you haven’t already, please check… Read More

21 January 2021

Hi folks – I am distracted today as my hubby has been poorly (although I am feeling fine) so we are off to get tested this afternoon – fingers crossed it’s negative! 1/ Adapt & Thrive – sorry for harping… Read More

21 January 2021

Membership of Social Enterprise Network Scotland Introduction Social Enterprise Network Scotland (trading as SENScot) came into being in July 2020, following the successful merger of Social Firms Scotland and Senscot – building on a close working relationship that evolved over… Read More

14 January 2021

Hi folks – I confess, I’ve been tied up with work around our Mental Health Forum this week, so apologies for a rather news-light TTT – fingers crossed there’s still something of interest? 1/ Scottish Business Support – top-up grants… Read More

7 January 2021

Hi Folks – when I was young, a friend and I wandered around one Hogmanay and couldn’t find a party – feeling miserable, we wished people a “New Year”, missing out the Happy – feels a bit like that this… Read More

17 December 2020

Hi Folks – on behalf of myself, Angie and the Board here at WLSEN, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, with everything crossed for an “uneventful” 2021!! 1/ Digital Support for… Read More

10 December 2020

Hi Folks – It seems to be a quiet week on the news front so, I hope you’ll indulge me with a bit of reflection. Today is my 2nd WLSEN AGM, which means I am no longer new in post!… Read More

3 December 2020

Hi Folks – I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this week, but in a good way! At our Mental Health Collaboration Group meeting on Tuesday, members shared their many new initiatives and it literally blew us away – now all we… Read More

3 December 2020

Social Media Tips – By Angie the Social Media Yoda Now, more than ever, it is really important for your organisation to have an online presence. Most of you have either a Facebook profile or Twitter account – some will… Read More

26 November 2020

Hi Folks – hope you’re well and surviving better than my good self? I’ve gone and broken my own self-imposed rule of no mince pies till 1st December – and have already eaten 7 – slippery slope! 1/ WLSEN AGM… Read More