10 June 2021

Good Morning! Well, I don’t know about you but I’ve had an extremely busy week. I travelled back up to Scotland, packed up my flat and moved it all back ( with help from my brother) in the space of… Read More

3 June 2021

Good Morning! It is June – the most important thing about this month is that it’s my birthday on the 20th, although I don’t really like thinking about getting older. This particular June bring lots of changes for me –… Read More

27 May 2021

Good Morning! I really like learning new things and just yesterday I found out that the astronauts from Apollo 11, the ones that walked on the moon, had to go through customs when they got back to Earth! This little… Read More

20 May 2021

Good Morning! Another week has flown by in the blink of an eye and another grey hair found on my head – not that I count them or anything! Just a wee reminder that WLSEN is here to promote your… Read More

18 May 2021

Funding: The Robertson Trust – Change in Partnership Fund – as part of their 2020/2030 strategy, The Robertson Trust have announced this new fund, aimed towards larger organisations, this month. Take a look for more information The Empowering Women Fund… Read More