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Membership is free to social enterprises operating within West Lothian. Members enjoy a number of benefits that include peer support, access to events and training, representation with key stakeholders and inclusion in the social enterprise directory. Enterprising third sector organisations can join as Start-up members for up to 1 year and partners of WLSEN can join as Associate members.

Full Social Enterprise Membership

Full membership is open to all established social enterprises operating within West Lothian. Full members will enjoy:

  • Inclusion in a Social Enterprise Directory on the WLSEN website
  • Representation with key stakeholders
  • Peer support from like-minded social enterprise organisations
  • Access to subsidised training and events
  • Quarterly Network Meetings with guest speakers
  • A monthly newsletter with news and events 
  • Promoting opportunities for your social enterprise
  • Trading opportunities between members
  • Sharing knowledge and information about investment, contracting and emerging policies
  • Engaging with policy makers, funders and other strategic partners
  • Signposting to resources including business support and other services

Start-up Social Enterprise Membership

This membership is open to enterprising third sector organisations who are looking to begin generating income. Aspiring members will enjoy all the benefits of full members but membership will be reviewed after 1 year with a view to becoming full members.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to all supporters or partners of social enterprises operating within the West Lothian area, including third sector, private businesses and public bodies. Associate members will not hold voting rights.


WLSEN follows the Voluntary Code of Practice for Social Enterprises in Scotland and members are expected to meet its requirements. The Code criteria is outlined here. Any organisation that meets this criteria can become a member of WLSEN.

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