What makes a social enterprise?

Social enterprises are more than just businesses. They have a mission to create positive social and environmental impact, while still making a profit. In West Lothian, the West Lothian Social Enterprise Network (WLSEN) uses the Social Enterprise Code to identify and support these unique organizations.

What sets social enterprises apart from charities and traditional businesses is that they are primarily focused on creating social or environmental benefits. They still sell goods and services, but their ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on their community. This is why they’re so important in West Lothian.

But it’s not just about making a difference. Social enterprises must also be accountable and transparent. They need to involve the community in their decision-making process and be open about how they operate. They can’t be influenced by public bodies, and they must reinvest their profits into their business or community. This is known as an “asset lock.”

In West Lothian, there are plenty of social enterprises that are making a difference. Some provide support to disadvantaged groups, others create training and employment opportunities, while some promote environmental sustainability. These businesses are vital to creating a sustainable and socially responsible economy in the region.

By supporting these social enterprises, WLSEN is contributing to the betterment of West Lothian. Together, we can help create a community that’s socially responsible, economically sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

Social enterprises play a crucial role in West Lothian. They prioritize social and environmental benefits over financial gain, and WLSEN is committed to supporting these organizations. By doing so, we can create a more equitable, responsible, and sustainable community for everyone.