West Calder Community Development Trust

They were set up as a Community Development Trust (CDT) to raise funds and commission projects in the West Calder and Harburn area, for the benefit of the local community. Membership is drawn from people living and working within the local area. The voluntary board of directors is elected by the members. The CDT works closely with, but is separate from the West Calder and Harburn Community Council.

The main stimulus for setting up the CDT was community benefit funds becoming available from local wind farm developments. The CDT can act as an efficient and democratic conduit for channelling such funds into local community projects. However funds need not come exclusively from wind farms and other sources of funding can also be sourced by the CDT. They are also looking at income generation using a social enterprise model.


West Calder Community Centre

Dickson Street

West Calder

EH55 8BZ

Telephone: (01506) 872931

Email cdt@westcalder.org

Website: http://www.wchcdt.org.uk/