Three Things for Thursday – 8th October 2020

Hi Folks – so I guess there’s only 1 piece of news in West Lothian this week with the Vol Orgs Budget opening today – see link below.

1/ WLC Third Sector Community Support Fund – formerly referred to as the Vol Orgs Budget – the fund opens today with an upper limit of £50k and a closing date of 11th November 2020 – see here for details. If you’d like an independent eye cast over your application, I’m happy to help –

2/ Adapt & Thrive/Community Recovery – I’d encourage you all to have a look at this fund. As a reminder, “Adapt &Thrive” is about your organisation’s recovery with of course “Community Recovery” being about what is needed in your community. Again, if you’d like a chat about your idea for this, give me a call – 07889 720171

3/ WLSEN AGM – a date for your diary – Thursday 10th December 2020 @ 1:30pm – online of course. With thanks for all your input to our Strategic Review, after a short formal AGM, we’ll share with you our future plans, as shaped by you.