Three Things for Thursday – 7th January 2021

Hi Folks – when I was young, a friend and I wandered around one Hogmanay and couldn’t find a party – feeling miserable, we wished people a “New Year”, missing out the Happy – feels a bit like that this year too!

1/ Leaders’ Meeting on 15th January at 10am – this is for an informal, grab yourself a coffee, get-together for leaders in the sector – a chance to let your hair down, share your woes or just have a chat – for more info contact Raymond or just come along – the link is here.

2/ New Government Business Support – I’m keeping an eye out for support in Scotland but in the meantime, here is the overall UK announcement incl. support for retail & hospitality, support for other types of business and furlough till the end of April.

3/ Adapt & Thrive – a couple of programme changes are due from 11th January i.e grant size increasing, so now up to £75k, plus there will no longer be a limit on turnover size. More info here.