Three Things for Thursday – 3rd December 2020

Hi Folks – I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed this week, but in a good way! At our Mental Health Collaboration Group meeting on Tuesday, members shared their many new initiatives and it literally blew us away – now all we have to do is help promote as widely as possible!

1/ WLSEN Social Media Guru – following on from my intro, communication is a bit of a theme here this week, as you may have seen from Angie’s post regarding the use of social media – if you missed it, it’s here plus, if you need any advice, please contact her at

2/ Social Enterprise Net Zero Strategy – many of you will have a focus on the triple bottom line – Social, Environmental and Financial. This new strategy paper has been pulled together by SENScot with a view to social enterprise being recognised as a key player in Scotland’s transition to Netzero – let me know if this is of interest and you’d like to play a part?

3/ New Services from P4P (Partnership for Procurement) – as well as their support around collaboration and procurement, P4P is launching some new services for 2021, including: Procurement Healthcheck, Market Scanner and Procurement Accelerator Training – see here for details.