Three Things for Thursday – 24th September 2020

Hi Folks – so, a little bit of a Groundhog Day feel this week but it seems important:

1/ Community & Third Sector Recovery Programme – if you missed the zoom with Douglas from Community Enterprise, here’s the recording plus I’ve had a request to hold another one next week – drop me a line if you’re interested –

2/ Community & Third Sector Recovery Programme – Take 2 – if you need to look at changing your organisation the Adapt & Thrive element in particular, can help. If you have an idea, ideally a bit more than on the back of a fag packet but not by much, then pop in an application and you’ll be appointed an adviser who’ll help you develop your idea.

3/ WL Third Sector Mental Health Collaborative Group – as you may know we’ve been meeting for the past 3 months and want to encourage everyone who is interested to come along – some background info here. You may not deliver the likes of counselling but if the work you do supports the mental health of your beneficiaries, then you are welcome to join us. We’ve invited Greg Stark from the NHS to the next meeting, which will be taking place on the 13th October, to help talk through where we sit in the mental health landscape. Please email me to add your name to the mailing list –