Three Things for Thursday – 20th August 2020

Hi Folks – well here we are, more than halfway through August, schools are back and it truly felt like winter at the beginning of this week – don’t tell anyone but we had the heating on the other day!

1/ WLC Health and Wellbeing/Anti-Poverty Survey – the CPP is looking closely with communities to both identify the areas of focus – I’ve completed the survey on behalf of WLSEN and also referred to the Mental Health Providers group, however, you might like to complete it individually, here.

2/ Economic Recovery Implementation Plan – the plan from Scottish Government is receiving mixed responses – you can have a read for yourselves, here.

3/ Community Learning Exchange – this is a slightly strange one but if you’re interested in arranging a virtual study visit with another organisation, to pick their brains, then there is money available to organise it – covers up to 13 hours planning time @£35/hr and a fee for the people you visit virtually. Also, I’m happy to arrange it if there is something of interest –