Three Things for Thursday – 17th June 2021

Good Morning! I would just like to say a big thank you to those of you that went out of your way to email me after my news in TTT a couple of weeks ago – it was extremely kind and I appreciated every one – Thank you!

1/ Social Enterprise Scotland – is holding their 2nd online networking event for members, on Wednesday 23rd June. It is free to attend and will give you the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow members – which may lead to some useful contacts!
The meetings theme is “Equality and inclusion in the workplace” but you’re free to chat about whatever you like. Book here – if you have any problems logging in or are not an SES member, contact Kate.

2/ Adapt & Thrive Programme – now, I know most of you will have applied for this and are probably fed up with hearing about it but, I just wanted you to be aware that the deadline has been extended till July, so if you haven’t already, please put in an application!! More information here.

3/ Social Enterprise Network Scotland (SENScot) – now have a dedicated page on their website to keep us informed about the different SEN sessions they host, that may be of interest to you or your organisation. It’s a great way for SEN members to come together and support one another. Many topics have been covered so far including, fair work; health inequalities; demystifying data etc. Go and take a look and see if something appeals.