4 September 2020

Hi Folks – hope you are all well? The WLSEN “Virtual Office” will be closed next week so there’ll be “No Things for Thursday 30th July”, but we will be back in your inbox, bright and breezy, on Thursday 6th… Read More

4 September 2020

What’s Happening in the Sector – Third Sector Mental Health Providers Collaborative Group – we are now collating information from all social enterprise and third sector organisations who provide mental health support in West Lothian – the template is downloadable here or please contact… Read More

4 September 2020

Hi folks – hope you’re all still surviving? I’ve discovered I maybe preferred “lockdown proper” – a few weeks ago the only sounds I could hear from my office in the garden were the wee birds chirping – now because… Read More

9 July 2020

Hi folks – I am feeling a bit of Covid drift re best content for you right now?  Is it re-opening advice, ideas generation, future planning??  Whatever it is please do let us know – we can do the legwork… Read More

2 July 2020

Hi folks This week is an attempt to pull out the key relevant bits from the reports that are currently being circulated and talked about – hopefully its helpful!As always we hope that you are all doing ok, remember we… Read More

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