The Bridge Community Project

The Bridge Community Project seeks to improve the everyday wellbeing of the people of West Lothian through providing practical and relational support in the form of Financial and Emotional Wellbeing.

Financial Wellbeing Service
This service offers residents of West Lothian an effective and comprehensive support that enables mental, emotional and financial resilience and wellbeing. We provide confidential money advice and budgeting support. Additionally, we understand that when you are going through the money advice process that there will be other areas of your life that may require some extra support. The Bridge Support work is tailored to your specific needs and delivered over an agreed period of time and will relate back to seeing an improvement in your financial wellbeing.

Bridge Counselling Service
The Bridge Counselling Service provides you with the opportunity to talk to someone who will listen with understanding. Meeting with your counsellor each week will give you the space and time to explore your thoughts and feelings. Through talking regularly with the same counsellor you can begin to understand your situation more clearly and make positive choices and decisions. The counsellors are full organisational members of COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland).

Bereavement Support
Working alongside Livingston United Parish Church and Co-op Funeral care, the Bridge offers a six week bereavement support programme based on the Acorns Bereavement support service which has ran successfully in Edinburgh. Each programme runs for six weeks and covers a range of topics relating to grief, loss and bereavement. Potential participants should make contact with the Bridge for information on current and forthcoming programmes.


Bridge Wellbeing HUB,

20, Shairps Business Park, Livingston, EH54 5FD