Grow Your Own Talent

Grown Your Own Talent is an exciting new Social Enterprise that is focusing on ensuring added value from the use of Temporary Labour.

Their model operates like a recruitment agency, but invests all profits into up-skilling the temp workers to improve their skills, and earning capacity and help secure a permanent place in the labour market.

Further, they will purchase training from local providers where ever possible ensuring value is retained within the local network contributing to a fully sustainable model. 

This model is ideal for any business, (including third sector organisations) that may have temporary opportunities. Grow Your Own Talent’s model reduces the risks of making recruitment mistakes by facilitating temporary work with an employer which allows them to see workers in post before deciding on taking them on full-time. Unlike a traditional recruitment agency, they will not charge a finders fee for this.

It is our aim to improve the skills and wage levels of every worker and help secure their place in the labour market for the long term. 

Contact: Brian Martin

Telephone: 0131 555 5479 (UK 9am-5pm)




Twitter   @_GYOT